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After 2 games Mt Macedon were in front, so it was time for a pep talk in the Camberwell camp to rally the troops (but the final results showed that no-one listened).

After a lunch of hot soup, and  sausages, courtesy of Heather- Mt Macedon who spent her morning cooking, it was back to the fray, but the gap was too big and Mt Macedon won with a score of 15 games to 9. (Camberwell had some hope when Lindsay was beaten by Paul / Evan & John-Paul / Howard in various games, but it was not to be).
Terry made the presentation to Danny Green saying, “what a pleasure it was to pass on the Jolly Roger“ (and we all know that was a lie), thanked them for their hospitality and invited them to Lynden Park in 2014 for a re-match.

Danny was gracious enough to
e-mail Sunday night that “winning is only 2nd place to the actual pleasure of a friendly social day with Camberwell Club".

To view the other photographs taken of the day, go here.
(The trophy was originally made by Lindsay Kinghorn of Mt.Macedon for the inaugural event).
Terry not wanting to let go of the trophy.
Ernst,Trish Ritman, Chris Butler, Evan Gill, Paul Veith, Gloria Wales, Howard Brown & Terry Barter) arrived in Mt Macedon to hot coffee and a warm welcome.

Eleven teams from each club fronted up to the pistes, with boules at the ready, to do battle for the Jolly Roger Trophy.
onpisteup. Also, during the many years that pisteup was being managed by Bill Claiborne, numerous other web sites had listed pisteup as our clubs web address.

It was always the intention never to lose the foundation of our foray into the information age that was pisteup. As a result, the ownership of pisteup was finally secured in August this year and has been linked to our current web site onpisteup. So the old pisteup web page on Google will soon be gone. (Pisteup.con as seen on Google Sites ended in August 2013.)

What that means to us all is that regardless of whether you search for pisteup.com or onpisteup.com, your web browser will always go to the onpisteup.com web site. In the words of Alexandra, the internationally famous meerkat, "SIMPLES”.

Richard also presented to Kate Mangan a cheque for $200 from CPCI by way of acknowledging her selection to the team competing for Australia at the World Games in France in October. Richard wished her all success at the games.

26 teams in all competed from 7 Clubs - Weird, Dove, Caulfield, St Kilda, Mt Macedon, Longbeach and of course Camberwell.

Taking home the prize money the top six Doubles Teams were as follows:
1st Patrick & Lyn Dufresne
Max Chaperon & Christian Lucette
Stephane Langlois & Martial Leconte
4th Lim Mini Kuan & Eileen Marie
5th Kenny Sewhee & Eddy Masson
6th Jim Critelli & Adrian Metheringham

Additional photographs are found here and the full rankings for the day here.
2013 CPC Open Doubles  By Sue Gray
ortunately the forecasted bad weather for the Open Doubles Tournament at Camberwell PC on Sunday didn't eventuate. The day’s weather turned
Before making the presentations to the prize winners Richard thanked Rob Joy, the Tourn-ament Director, John-Paul for running the sports program helped at the table by Grahame Knight, the umpires Trish Ritman and Sue Gray. A big thank you also went to all the workers in the kitchen for serving up hot soup and BBQ sausages keeping everyone warm and spirits high.
ith many of our members fond of (or unable to forget) the name pisteup, some still cannot remember to add "on" to pisteup to make it
And Then Two Became One  By John-Paul Ernst
out to be better than expected with quite a bit of sunshine and just a little shower during the last game.
fter a cold start in Melbourne, 12 Camberwell  members, (Carol & Rob Joy, Peter & Margaret Barker, John-Paul
The Jolly Roger Goes Home  By Terry Barter
our happy, stunned Secretary wishes to thank the Committee and
Secretary's Report 
August 2013 
By Sue Gray
Members for the honour of being  awarded a Life Mem-bership. What can I say, I love the game of pétanque and I love being a member of Camber-well Petanque Club, may the love continue.

We look forward to seeing both Helen and Colin Macnamara back on the pistes in the near future.

We are happy to report that Colin is home from hospital and though still a little tired, he is looking forward to getting back to pétanque when his strength is restored. Colin thanks you all for the get-well wishes.

CPC has been invited to participate in the “Great Gisborne Gazette Triples Challenge” at Mt. Macedon PC on 29th September. So far I think we have 5 teams willing, able and looking forward to going into battle for the Trophy.  (This is a multi-club tournament, not the same as the “Jolly Roger” which is just between our two clubs.)

You can read the Presidents Report here.
Terry presenting the award to Sue.
(Front) Terry, Alma, Richard, Sue.
(Rear) Chris, John-Paul, Peter, John.
Archives - August 2013
Camberwell is to host the Victorian State Doubles Championships on 22nd September. We will do our very best to make this event just as successful.

CPCI held it's AGM on Saturday 24th August with 30 members in attendance and 15 apologies.

The old Committee members welcomed Chris Butler and John Cook to the team, we are all committed to working hard for the club and you the members over the next twelve months.

The playing season started off at Camberwell on 18th August with a very successful Open Doubles Tournament.  Among the top six winning teams Camberwell can take some pleasure in the fact that Max Chaperon finished equal second, albeit he was playing as a Weird team member. We also take great pleasure in the impressive result our very own Peter Barker & John Ross had on the day.  They were ranked 7th of 26 teams and given that John is a new-comer to tournament play it's a great result. Well done Peter & John.
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