If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
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Archives - July 2013

he urgency with which our new website had to be designed, constructed and then published meant that its wasn’t going to be quite what I had envisioned.

However once onpisteup.com started to stream under the deep oceans and across bustling continents, there was time to alter some of its features and add some new ones.

Altered Features

Having the pages of onpisteup divided between the tab menu and a drop-down box works well but was limited in its scope. Now all pages can be access from the one tab menu across the entire website.
John-Paul Ernst
Something’s New Onpisteup

Those tabs with sub levels tabs are marked with a dot after their name. So if you hover over NEWS, then a sub level tab named Archives will drop down. About archives, I finally settled on a way of accessing past news pages, so have a look.

The Search page has been placed under the SITE MAP tab as has Help. Additionally the CPC's Picasa Web Album containing older photographs can be accessed from the GALLERY tab named Old Photos and within the Gallery page. Finally, the "Last Update" notification will appear at the top right on all pages.

New Features

A new sub level tab named Find Us located under ABOUT has been added which loads Google Maps showing CPC’s address and location. This feature is fully interactive (that means the controls work). All new documents under RESULTS, EVENTS and LINKS will now have a flashing icon (small image) beside it.

John-Paul Ernst: Webmaster
Bill's Baby is Still Back in Business!
ill Claiborne's creation, CPC's website pisteup.com has been off the air so to speak due to what seemed to be an unsolvable problem, no one's been able to access the site to add any new items of news.
One can just image what Bill might have had to say about this dilemma, something along the lines of “What's wrong with you lame brains, find a way”. So that is what our number one brain John-Paul Ernst has done. We now have onpisteup.com getting on with the business of bringing you all of CPC's latest newsworthy goings on.

Our aim is to do Bill proud by endeavouring to maintain the high standard he set in his website. I feel sure Bill would approve of this catch phrase.

"If it's not onpisteup then it's not on".

Sue Gray
Sadly your committee has been reduced to six members with the resignation of Bob Romanes and Jenny Cuthbert. Bob and Pam have decided that golf is more their game while Jenny and Peter as you know have transferred to St Andrew's beach Petanque Club. In accordance with our constitution Committee members all stand down at the AGM but are eligible for re-election if nominated.
he Committee has set the date for our AGM, it is to be held in our Clubrooms on Saturday 24th August at 11.am.  All members will shortly receive via email formal notice of the meeting, Minutes of 2012's AGM, the President's report, the Financial report to June 30 2013, a nomination form and a proxy form.
Secretary's Report - July 2013

Saturday Afternoons

The Committee has been trialling for the past few weeks a 3 game format on Saturday's, this is in response to quite a few people not wanting to stay on during these colder/shorter days to play 4 games. The feedback to date has been mostly positive, there are generally enough of the more serious hardy members wanting to play on, to make up a triples or doubles for a 4th game. 

Training Sessions

The training sessions on Saturday mornings have unfortunately not been as well attended as we had hoped. Having said that, those who have been attending have seen an improvement in their skill levels and are pleased with their progress. We are happy to continue with training sessions but to make Guy Mercier, Peter Barker and my efforts worthwhile we would really like to see a little more participation.
Trusty Tape

The Pyrenees Petanque Club have invited Camberwell members to Avoca on the weekend of 28th & 29th September, to try our best to win back the Trusty Tape Trophy. They will send more information regarding the format soon, when it arrives I'll send it on via email.

Sue Gray: Secretary
iPhone App From Obut

Obut has released a new app for iPhones and iPads that works out which boule is closest
to the coch. All the on-screen instructions are in French. It's free and available here on iTunes.
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