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Bill's Baby is Back in Business!
ill Claiborne's creation, CPC's website pisteup.com has been off the air so to speak due to what seemed to be an unsolvable problem, no one's been able to access the site to add any new items of news.
One can just image what Bill might have had to say about this dilemma, something along the lines of “What's wrong with you lame brains, find a way”. So that is what our number one brain John-Paul Ernst has done. We now have onpisteup.com getting on with the business of bringing you all of CPC's latest newsworthy goings on.

Our aim is to do Bill proud by endeavouring to maintain the high standard he set in his website. I feel sure Bill would approve of this catch phrase.

"If it's not onpisteup then it's not on".

What’s New Onpistup?

A new name, a new look and a better way of accessing news and information. That's what!

The newsletter (single page) format of pisteup started by Bill Claiborne was considered a refreshing way of reading about the ups and downs of CPC. It was being provided through a free webserver and had its limitations, thus reinforcing the adage ‘You can’t get something for nothing.’

Through this new standalone Web site, you can access the latest event calendars, reports and game results. An albums containing the latest photographs making them easier to view. A useful selection of web-links and documents are available. Tabs and drop-down boxes makes navigating simpler. Speedy access to past articles and documents using a search box is also available. There's a Google Calendar to look at as well!

For more information, head for the help page and remember to return for updates.

New Boules Piste for Ballina!

People on the North Coast now have a great place to play boules (petanque) thanks to Ballina Shire Council who have built a piste in Pop Denison Park , Compton Drive, East  Ballina (The entry is just west of the Ballina Beach Resort).

Look for the QRC.

You may have seen these cubistic looking images on all sorts of things ranging from business cards to billboards. For one thing it’s not art, although one day it may be called that. They are QRC's (Quick Response Code) and their purpose is to direct enquiring minds to the internet where additional information is available.

For example, the QRC above will direct your browser to the onpisteup website. If a QRC appears on a flyer, then it will direct your internet browser to onpisteup where there is reference to the tournament or event. All a person need do is get an QRC reader application (app) for a smart phone or tablet, read the code (using the devices camera) and allow the device to connect to the internet.

CPC's Facebook Account
Linked with Onpisteup.

CPC is on Facebook? It is, have a look.
Click here if not a Facebook user otherwise,
once logged in, search for Petanque In Melbourne Australia and presto.

The purpose of have such exposure is to direct those searching for a pétanque club in Melbourne to the pisteup.com website. Now the new website onpisteup.com is featured as the place to go to read about CPC.
Secretary's Report - June 2013

Welcome to your new look Web site.
ohn-Paul Ernst, Alma Claiborne and Jenny Cuthbert have been very busy working towards this relaunch of CPC's Web site.
J-P has done the hard stuff i.e. research, registering the new name and designing the sites working pages etc. etc. Alma is the editor of written content and Guy Mercier is taking on the job of editor of photographic content. Anyone wanting to submit a news article for the website should send it to Alma and anyone wanting to submit photos of games, events etc. should send them to Guy for editing.
I haven't written a report since before Christmas so I'm not quite sure where to start. There is not really much point telling you about what has already happened, for instance the fact that we hosted a successful National Triples Tournament in March raising over $1500 for the Club. So instead I will tell you about CPC's plan to run training sessions every Saturday morning from 11 am to 12.noon.

Regular Training Sessions.

The training will focus on technique, mental and tactical aspects of the game through a series of exercises, which are designed to improve overall skill. Guy Mercier, Peter Barker and myself along with members from many Victorian Petanque Clubs, recently attended a 'Train the Trainer' workshop at Weird PC that was conducted by Coach Jean-Francois Veyssiere ably assisted by Guy Bahler, (both of whom have played at an International level), for the purpose of acquiring the knowledge to enable us to run these sessions. We hope that newer members as well as more experienced players may benefit from these training exercises. Patrick Hamon has also agreed to help us run these training sessions. If you would like a little help in improving your level of play and enjoyment of Petanque turn up at 11.am for training, we will stop at around noon to allow time for lunch before starting Saturday's afternoons play at 1 o'clock.
Brian Scott Will Be Missed But Not Forgotten.
Brian family, friends, work colleagues, hockey playing and pétanque playing mates gathered on 15th May 2013 at a beautifully simple ceremony to remember him. Brian has been an absolute inspiration with his courage and determination to keep on keeping on. Many a lesser man would have given up playing years ago but not Brian.
Two CPC Members Transferring To St Andrews Beach PC.

I am sad to report that CPC is losing two of their long-time, hardworking members to St Andrew's Beach Petanque Club, our loss is very much St Andrew's gain. Jenny and Peter Cuthbert who moved from Richmond to live full time in Rye over 18 months ago have been travelling up and down the East Link to play Petanque at Lynden Park. Their decision to change Clubs makes perfect sense. As Jenny said, they are not leaving the country, we will still see her and Peter on the pistes from time to time.
Jolly Roger Challenge Date To Be Set Soon.

Mt Macedon Petanque Club members are keen to regain possession of the Jolly Roger Trophy, to this end Danny Green has been trying to arrange a date for Camberwell PC members to go to Mt Macedon for the big challenge. This is always such a fun, friendly day, so as soon as a date & time has been agreed upon I will let you all know.

Sue Gray - Secretary
Sue Gray
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