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Camberwell Petanque Club
2013 Victorian State Doubles Championships
By Sandra Brown
Secretary's Report 
October 2013 
By Sue Gray
Such a vibrant scene with the bright uniform colours, the market umbrellas in our centre square and all our pistes occupied with games.

Despite predictions of 90% chance of rain throughout the day, we didn’t see any precipitation at Lynden Park, prompting some to opine that Lynden Park is the Riviera or Petit Cote d’Azur of suburban Melbourne.
hat a spectacular day it was at Lynden Park last Sunday when our Club was the venue for the Victorian Petanque State Doubles Championships.

Intense competition saw Danny Green, our Umpire, with his amazing box of measuring devices, called to adjudicate on many occasions.

Some Finals continued after the sun set and, for the first time, we employed the use of our auxiliary lighting which allowed those matches to reach a satis-factory conclusion. Congratulations to our members who competed in the Championships. You all did us proud.

Enormous thanks go to our members who put in a long day running the tournament and the kitchen. We are lucky, indeed, to have such generous contributors.

To view the photographs taken on the day, go here.
For the detailed results, go here.

Percolating through our pistes was a happy feeling of friendship and fun. The opportunity at tournaments to fraternize with the wider Petanque community is always pleasurable.

We welcomed 70 players from eight clubs for spirited competition. St. Andrew’s Beach, St. Kilda, Caulfield, Dove, Weird Entertainers, Macedon, Woodend and, of course, Camberwell.
With the mandatory introductions and the ‘jiggery-pokery’ of the draw dealt with, it was down to the serious stuff of winning the ‘Gisborne Gazette GREAT Challenge’ trophy for 2013. The 3 clubs competing were Mt. Macedon, Camberwell and Caulfield.
isborne turned on its usual affair of cool gusty winds, blue sky and
country hospitality as 20 members of CPC rolled up for another day on the pistes.
The 2013 Gisborne Gazette GREAT Triples Challenge  By John-Paul Ernst
Lindsay’s team prevailed, thus an additional round to 11 points between MMPC (Lindsay, Dave and Hayden) against CPC (Sue, Ron and John-Paul) commenced to decide the first place winners of the event.

The spectators offered momentary bursts of vocal support as a battle ensued. There were jubilant moments followed by disappointing ones for both sides as the round progressed, resulting in the MMPC team leading until the forgone conclusion.

Congratulations to Lindsay, Dave, Hayden for their win. Our thanks goes to Phyllis, Danny and MMPC for organising and running the event.

And so there leaves only the determination for CPC to front up again next year and get Camberwell’s name on the trophy or at least once more give the other clubs a run for their money.

To view the photographs of the day, go here.
After 2 rounds, a lunch of snags with onions, hamburgers or melted cheese sandwiches was served. Hot drinks continued to be the favourite thoughout the day.

By near the end of round four a buzz started among the CPC players when Ron worked out that unless Rob and his
team scored an extra point against Lindsay’s team, there would have to be a play-off between a CPC and a Mount Macedon team.

Congratulations to Ariadne Ernest (c), Josie Petrolo, Kate Mangan, Elizabeth Sowter, and their Chef de Délégation, Warren Sowter.
Australians Come Third at World Games  By John-Paul Ernst
he final results of the Cup of Nations and the World Championships held in France
John-Paul came third at the  Mount Macedon Open Triples Competition held on the 13th of October 2013.
Camberwell Does it Again at MMPC
By John-Paul Ernst
Camberwell team made up of Sue, Patrick and

Not only were the opponents a challenge, but so was the changing weather.

Dispite the weather, the competition was a success

Friday's twilight games have started well with lots of members in attendance. It's great to have that friendly social gathering after the games for a casual BBQ.

The Trusty Tape Challenge is back on the calendar. CPC members will be setting off to Avoca to try to win back that trophy. The date set for this road trip is April 12th & 13th, 2014. (The weekend before Easter)

The Committee is trying to arrange some Saturday events, especially for those who are unable to make Fridays. It is difficult at this time of year with the club facility being hired out on quite a few Saturdays between now and Christmas but we are working on it.

Speaking of Christmas, don't forget to put Friday, 6th December into your diaries so as not to miss CPCI's Christmas Party.
he tournament season is well under way; make sure you check the calendar online
so as not to miss out. There is a tournament pretty much every weekend from now until early December. Take special note of Sunday 10th Nov for the 'Camberwell Open Triples.' The flyer will be sent to you soon but can also be viewed online.
(Montauban) for both Women and Juniors, are available to view here.

(Images sourced from FOTONUM)
Aussie team with trophies
Australia (Yellow) with the Moroccan Team
CPC @ National Doubles Championships
by John-Paul Ernst
wo members of CPC competed at the NDC
held at Rockingham WA in October 2013. Richard and Ian (pictured) came 18th whilst Sue and Glenis came 15th in the qualifying rounds.

The girls then played in the Social in which they finished as the best women's team, although they ranked 7th.

The results of the Men's Qualifying rounds are here.

The Australian and Moroccan teams met in the Semi Finals with the result being 11-13 respectively. Morocco progressed onto the Finals, beating the Tunisia B team 13-10.

Team Morocco consisted of Ouabba Latifa (c), Lefhal Elalaoui Bouchra, Ghariz Karima, Zay Hajar, Driouch Aziza (Coach) and their Chef de Délégation, Daoudi Najat.
Moroccan team with trophies.

and the brownie points certainly go to the Mount Macedon club, with a little help from yours truly.
More Success @ Bali
By John-Paul Ernst
n the way home from a successful European visit, the Australian Woman's
Triples team stopped over in Indonesia to compete at the 17th Asian Petanque Championship. Their efforts resulted in winning a bronze medal in the Nation Cup event.

So we congratulate Joyce Anderson, Jacqueline Nemorin, Libby Sowter, Kate Mangan and their
Delegate/Coach Robin Anderson for another great achievement.

Information is somewhat thin at the moment, however to view all the competition results, go here.
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