2014 Open Triples
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Nicole, Antoine & Trish take first prize.
Geoff, Kerrie & Rod take second prixe.
Stephan, Patricia & Peter take third prize.
Michael, Gloria & Ron take forth prize.
Christian, Patrick & Guy come fifth. (Sue just in for the pic)
Stephan and Patricia enjoy the sun.
Richard and his hat of many badges.
Guy - "Don't tell me. . . the number is?"
Myriam & Terry
Peter M. where is your gondola?
Christian - "I can do this with my eyes closed"
Rod, Belinda & Graham (hidden) pondering.
It's got to be on the ground people!
Michael and Gloria wait for Geoff and Rod.
Graham watches Belinda do a funny walk.
And the flowers were out.
A rose (Trish) amongst the flowers.
John, Sue & visitor
Antoine checks out his second bottle.
Trish and Nicole looking cool.
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
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