2015 CPCI Open Triples - Part 1
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The day was smashing!
Rod throws one of many on the day.
Geoff pops one down against Camberwell.
Max, Medgee and a pair of Smythesdales.
Looks good but the result wasn't.
Peter being watched by John and Trish.
Howard appealing to a higher authority
A close one for sure.
Player from Nagambie in orange.
The day wasn't going to plan.
You put your right foot in. . .
Patrick watched by Nicole, Charles and Andre.
Harry is CPC's youngest player.
It was just right!
Shirley and team playing against Nagambie.
The mascot was taking the shade.
Andre watching over me.
Christian, Nicole and Antoine
Lighten up guys!
Narelle and Tammy
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
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