CPCI Open Doubles 2017
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Patrick & Frederic - 1st  Principale
Anick & Marjoric - 2nd Principale
Guy & Jean Francois - 3rd Prinicpale
Bernard & Vincent - 4th Principale
Sylvio & Christain - 1st Consolante
Peter & Gerard - 2nd Consolante
Eric & Kevin - 3rd Consolante
Rick & Aileen - 1st Socale
Guy with Martial (Hass absent) - 2nd Sociale
Ron & Gloria - 3rd Sociale
Guy with David being an Umpire
Nice flowers
Doing what David does best
Guy and his "P"artner Jean Francois
A pair of Smythesdales
Sandra & Barbi
Heinz & Terry
Shhhh! Antoine & Ron J. are playing petanque
Goria making a point with Ron L,
Not playing but watching
Ben & Zac are bring the street home
Peoples enjoying the day
If looks could kill, then Nicole & Trish have it.
Its pretty
Their you are!
The real coffee please
Glorias' arty shirt
A pair in the hand . . .
Be the boule
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
Camberwell Petanque Club