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New Onpisteup Images

All our new photographs will now be posted at ONPISTEUP.COM on a regular basis.  To make it easier to locate the latest additions, onpisteup has a page that displays the new image sets. Just click on one of the buttons above followed by the event that you wish to view and the complete collection of images will appear.

Select the first image for the viewer to appear. Using your Left and Right Arrow keys, you will be able to move forward and backward as you progress through the collection.  To leave or exit the viewer, use the Esc key.
Guidlines for Digital Photographs

If you intend or have been asked to provide a photographic record of an event, then here are some things to keep in mind.  Should it all seem too hard, then transfer what you have on to a USB stick or leave it on your camera and bring it to the club and it will be copied.
Only submit up to 20 of the best pictures by e-mail or place on a small memory device.
Attach a text document with a few words about each of the pictures taken, like who's in them.
By submitting your photographs to CPCI, you are allowing CPCI to keep, alter and use them in a manner that it considers as reasonably.
Select the year followed by the event:
Picasa Now Google Photos!

Our fabulous photographs that you could once view on Picasa® are no longer there.  Google has morphed it into Google Photos® and given it a new icon to boot.

That's not all, it also has a new plateform which means that time has to be spent in order to make these photos available to the public.

Anyhow, you should now be able to view about half of the wild times and activities Camberwell PC has had in the past years by clicking the bar below.
Use a digital camera rather than a mobile phone.
Save your images as a JPG file type.
A standard size ratio of 3:4 is preferred. Images should have a maximum width of 700 pixels and a height of 525 pixels with a resolution of 96 pixels per inch.
Please do not correct or crop any of the images.
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
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