CPCI Winter Program
Throughout the winter months CPC members gather together on a Saturday from 12 noon for a light BYO lunch before playing the first of three games at 1.00 pm.

The format is for teams of one, two or three players (Singles, Doubles or Triples), with games played to 13 points or 45 minutes.  Open to all persons at a cost of $5.00, with wine prizes awarded for the Best Man and Best Lady (wins and delta).  The distribution of prizes is dependent upon the number of participating players on the day.

This arrangement will begin 31st March 2018 through to 8th December 2018.
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CPCI Summer Program
As the days grow warmer and longer, club members gather on Friday afternoons from 4.00 pm for two games.  Then, break to share a meal together with a glass of wine and good conversation.  The choice of BYO dinner or, for those arriving from work, a take-away meal (different option each week delivered from a local establishment nearby.  Orders are required by noon on the same day.

Using a random system of pulling boules out of a bucket, three rounds are played.  This event is free. 

Newly interested persons are very welcome to come and get to know what Petanque is about and to meet our members.  We offer three free visits before you consider joining our Club.  The only requirement to take part in play is that you wear enclosed shoes.  We have all the equipment you will need to join in.

This arrangement will begin on Friday, 15th December 2017 until 23th March 2018.
When playing at any major or minor petanque tournament, it is suggested that members "nail their colours to the mast" by wearing the clubs uniform.

It's a great way to advertise the our standing in the petanque community.

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Petanque Training Manual
Teaching a new player isn't as easy as it looks. 

You may be able to throw a boule however, the steps you need to go through it orders to communicate new skills and knowledge, is a teensy weensy bit more complicated.

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the stuff you didn't know that you knew (or don't know).
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