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The Practical Bits - 3
SPORT and scrolling

Programs specifically written for any
of the current computer platforms
will enable the use of the scrolling
function on a mouse or pad, this
however is not the case with

Scrolling through the long list of players using the scroll bar is one way of doing it. Simply rolling the mouse wheel does not work, but there is a solution.

Using keystrokes
Holding down the Shift key and then selecting the page up (PgUp) or page down (PgDn) key with scroll the page.

Using a Mouse
Press down the wheel momentarily until this symbol  appears onthe screen.

Moving the mouse up or down will move the details on the screen accordingly.
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Swiss System and BHN/fBHN

The Swiss System of assigning teams in each round was a head scratcher when it was introduced. On top of that came the BHN and fBHN ranking system leaving little hair left to fondle. For many players, the love of petanque outweighs the bother of worrying about the scoring. It just happens!

Should you be interested in how it all kind ‘a, sort ‘a works, be warned! It ain't pretty! As the saying goes - 'If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck . . .

So if your feeling game read these papers.

   Swiss System and the BHN ranking (140KB)
   Ranking using BHN (272KB)

When you need to check the rules on the piste, refer to you mobile phone with this handy app that is available for Androids on Google Play.
eMeasure for Andriod

Obut has released its' smart phone measuring app in English.

It is available for free on the Google Apps site.
Rules on your Phone
Electronic Scores

Keeping the scores for an entire tournament is now made easy with the Petanque Scoreboard on Google Play.
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
Camberwell Petanque Club
Pigs in a pod

Keeping you coch from being nicked is
one thing but keeping them together in
your kit bag or pocket is another.  The
solutions to keeping your cochs in order
are numerous and one of them is to use a
neoprene pod.

You local supermarket is the place to pick up
a couple of icy pole holders that just happen
to be the right size to hold two or three standard
cochs. Just squeeze one out when you need it and then
just push it back in again later.  They come in assorted
colours for only a few dollars each.